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How do I find a qualified professional roofer?

May 20


It isn't always easy to locate a professional roofer. When it comes time to fix or replace your roof, there's much to learn about the right products to utilize and what procedures best meet the specific requirements of your roof. So, it's important to be aware that you can trust the roofing company that you select near Pittsburgh to provide good and expert advice regarding those products and techniques that might be new to you. Find the best siding business pittsburgh, PA to finish your task.

1.) Referrals are the best source to start. Ask your family or friends about the roofing company they utilized and if he was satisfied with the work.


2.) The second most effective way to find a reputable roofing contractor is to go to the local building distributor or lumber yard dealer and ask. This does not mean large stores for retail or chain home centers, but an experienced roofing material distributor that collaborates with contractors of top quality on a regular basis.


3.) The yellow pages are generally the third location homeowners can look for a qualified roofer,

Find a roofer with a certification Speak to the roofing contractor


The most important thing you can do when searching for an experienced roofing contractor is to meet with three or more roofing contractors, whether they're referrals or the yellow pages. It is impossible to choose an experienced roofing company using an estimate or by comparing prices. You should allow yourself enough time to interview the roofing contractor.


You should request up to ten references, meaning jobsite locations or names of homeowners from every contractor you interview. Steadfast Roofing can assist you in this matter.


Ask for proof of proper insurance. The roofing contractor who is licensed should have comprehensive liability and workers insurance that will protect you in the event of an accident on the roof.


The following are additional points to think about when evaluating roofing contractors:


  • Recurring business within the region,Long time in business

  • Willingness to settle complaints quickly and fairly

  • Professionalism and accuracy of the estimate and presentation

Take your decision based on quality and quantity of photos of the worksite. The photos should include:


Names, phone numbers and dates for completion) and the number of references and the proposal you have submitted. Do not judge your professional standing on just having a legible business card.

Membership in professional associations

The knowledge and the thoroughness of roofing procedures. Numerous manufacturers offer special credentials to roofing contractors who pass their shingle application test. Carry State and Local licenses. Pittsburgh siding repair is a professional and knowledgeable section.

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Willingness to stand behind his work.

An experienced roofer will warrant his work. This warranty is added to the manufacturer's warranty.

Don't accept any roofing company's quote that you don't meet. Check with your city hall or local chamber of commerce.

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