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Issues caused by Commercial Roof Leaks

Jul 24


Roof leaks could be an issue for your business and could take a significant amount of time to repair. A roof inspection by the right company, in the beginning, will be the most significant difference at the end.

What Causes Commercial roofs to leak?

Poor or no drainage from your roof may cause it to leak. It is possible to have a variety of problems with leaks if your gutters, drains and downspouts aren't installed correctly from the start. Standing water isn't an indicator of good health, and may not only result in a leak, but it could also cause your entire roof to come crashing down over the building.


Leaks can occur in HVAC drains for units as well as gas lines and pipes. Sealing them properly when they are installed can prevent leaks. Also, conducting annual maintenance checks to ensure that they're sealed up is essential, not just to ensure that the vented areas be functioning properly, but also to prevent leaks from happening later on.


Damaged roofs will cause leaks also, and an open area underneath the roofing material could make it easier for rain to penetrate and get into those areas. Protective barriers can be made by sealing off the area and fixing it.


If the roof of your commercial property is beginning to show signs of age it is best to replace it prior to a leak can happen. The older roofs are less durable to the elements than newer or more modern roofs.

What Happens When A Commercial Roof Leaks?

A commercial roofing system can be damaged by a leak that can ruin your company. Interior damage can lead to interruptions in work for weeks, days or even months due the leak. Equipment may be severely damaged together with papers and files being completely destroyed.


Parts of the building are required to be divided off for roofing company in san Antonio texas to arrive and repair the issue, and any leaky spot can result in the cost to be higher than you're willing to spend in one timeframe.


What Should You Do If You've Found A Leak On The Roof?

Call a trusted roofing contractor immediately to request them to and look at the work that needs to be made to the roof to stop it from leaking. Grab a bucket to collect any water that falls from the ceiling, or a mop for removing any water from the floor.


If you've discovered a larger issue that isn't just water, you may need to call a restoration cleanup company for assistance with industrial equipment to clean up the rest of the mess, especially if the space is carpeted.


Depending on the source of the leak, it could be necessary to replace the ceiling and walls. We, Roofing Near San Antonio will deal with any serious problem with 100 guarantee.


A leak could have impacted several floors. An electrician needs to examine these floors and examine the ceiling panels for electrical damages.


Be Sure to Keep Your Commercial Roof Dry and Leak-Free

Shield Roofing understands the value of commercial structures and how they is reduced when the roof is leaking. If your commercial roof is showing signs of leaks, contact the roofing contractors in San Antonio texas for a consultation. We have many years of knowledge in repairing leaks on commercial roofing.



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